Timothy Broderick – Lawyer

Timothy Broderick is a founding partner at Broderick Saleen, a law firm in Palo Alto, California. Timothy Broderick can handle a wide variety of litigation matters with over 25 years of legal experience.

An Employment Lawyer On Your Side

Timothy Broderick's decades of experience in employment law. His goal is to make sure the workplace is fair for everyone.

Timothy Broderick's law firm, Broderick Saleen, focuses on representing victims of sexual harassment in employment, gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination and disability discrimination in the workplace, retaliation against employees who make or stand as witnesses for harassment, victims of bullying in schools or in the workplace, sexual harassment in business or professional relationships and wrongful termination.  

Timothy Broderick truly cares about leveling the playing field in the workplace. Tim helps employees analyze if they are entitled to overtime pay, and prosecute employers who violate California overtime laws.


If you make a sexual harassment or discrimination complaint and are retaliated against by your employer, California law protects you. Timothy Broderick can help you if you were retaliated against (eg. fired, economically affected, etc). Contact Timothy Broderick for a fighting chance against your employer.

Author & Sexual Harassment Law Advocate

Timothy Broderick is the co-author of the book, A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment. The book is a comprehensive 200 page guide for those who have suffered from sexual harassment. The book includes steps that a victim can take in response to sexual harassment and features “Cases In Point” which describe the facts of real cases in which the courts have determined what types of behavior qualify as unlawful sexual harassment. A Victim’s Guide to Sexual Harassment addresses sexual harassment as not only a legal problem, but also as a social and emotional problem.

Read A Victim's Guide to Sexual Harassment.

Timothy Broderick makes himself available and accessible to his clients. Timothy Broderick truly understands the debilitating effects that sexual harassment has on victims and is readily available to discuss your sexual harassment case with you, free of charge.  Tim Broderick addresses sexual harassment in California as not only a legal problem, but also as a social and emotional problem.

Hire Timothy Broderick as your sexual harassment lawyer.

Defamation and Slander Protection

Timothy Broderick is also a top slander and defmation lawyer in the SF Bay Area. If you’ve been the victim of malicious attacks and defamation of character (even on the internet), Tim Broderick can help restore your reputation. 

You don't deserve the emotional distress associated with slander & defamation. The false statements made about you can even affect you economically. Get in contact with Timothy Broderick, he can help stop the damage. 

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Timothy Broderick has helped clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Don't settle for local lawyers for your convenience. If you're going into a lawsuit or need your rights protected, hire Timothy Broderick and give yourself a real fighting chance.

Awards & Recognition

Timothy Broderick has the highest rating in Legal Ability & Ethical Standard provided by the Peer Review Rating Process from Martindale-Hubbell. He is also a recommended lawyer on AVVO.

Timothy Broderick's experience gives him the ability to review, make fair and frank assessments of your case, and develop a plan that fits your individual needs.

Timothy Broderick's Early Background

Timothy Broderick is in the middle of three generations of attorneys. His father, Judge Raymond J. Broderick, was a lawyer in Philadelphia before he became a federal judge. His daughter, Kate Zeng, is a lawyer in Palo Alto at Jones Day.  

A picture of Timothy Broderick and his father Raymond J. Broderick

A picture of William Rehnquist, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and Timothy Broderick’s father Raymond J. Broderick

Hire Timothy Broderick For Your Representation

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